The Benefits of Planting in October

Why Now is the Perfect Time!

fall garden

It's the height of fall, and the crisp breeze in the air brings a reminder that gardening season is not over yet. If you thought that summer's end marks the end of the planting season, think again - October is the perfect time to get your hands dirty and plant some shrubs and perennials. Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or a beginner, there are a host of benefits to planting this time of year. Not only will you save money, but planting in the fall season leads to healthy growth and fewer pest infestations. And with a wide variety of shrubs and perennials available at GoBuyPlants, now is the right time to enhance your garden with a burst of new life.

Perfect growing conditions

Autumn's cool temperatures and warm soil provide the best conditions for plants to establish strong roots, putting them in good stead for the winter to come. Early morning dew keeps the soil moist which is perfect for the roots to drink in the moisture. And with less humidity than the summer months, plants are less prone to diseases and fungus problems.

Great savings

Many nurseries and garden centers offer discounts on shrubs and perennials in October so take this opportunity to get more for your money. You'll be able to pick up high quality, rare or unusual plants for a fraction of their original price, and since you'll only be planting them in your own garden, there'll be no need to worry about the plants carrying any diseases.

Perfect timing

Planting in October means that your plants will have several months to establish themselves before winter sets in. The moist fall soil encourages faster root growth, but the cooler temperatures help slow down their growth above ground. This means that the newly planted perennials won’t put their energy into top growth but rather focus on growing and developing their root systems.

Fewer pests

Shrubs and perennials planted in the autumn are less likely to be affected by pests such as aphids, spider mites or scale insects as they are less active during this time of the year. And since you'll be planting in healthy soils, the newly planted shrubs and perennials will be better equipped to fend off attacks and diseases.

More time to enjoy your garden

Planting in October provides many benefits such as healthier plants and fewer pests, but the biggest bonus is that you'll have extra time to enjoy your garden. With the winter ahead, why not create a beautiful landscape that will keep your garden looking good, even in the worst of the winter weather.

In conclusion, if you want to add some new life to your garden, now's the time to do it. With a wide variety of shrubs and perennials to choose from at GoBuyPlants, and plenty of discounts available, planting in October is the perfect way to get the most from your time and your budget. Take advantage of the perfect growing conditions, save yourself some money, and get your new perennials established before winter sets in. And with fewer pests to worry about, you'll have more time to relax and enjoy your beautiful garden.