Let's Grow Together

We are thrilled to invite other brands to join us in a collaborative effort to grow our brands together. By coming together, we can share our ideas, resources, and expertise to create something truly special. These talented individuals share our passion and enthusiasm for building something great, and we are so excited to work alongside them to make it happen. From innovative strategies to creative campaigns, the possibilities are endless.

VeryVera Show

Exciting news for all plant lovers out there! GoBuyPlants is ecstatic to announce its partnership with the VeryVera Show. Imagine seeing your favorite cooking personality, Southern charm and all, making use of the plants you love! From beautiful arrangements to lush greenery, Every episode of the VeryVera Show will now feature our vibrant foliage, making it impossible not to get inspired. Plus, with her hosting tips and tantalizing recipes, you'll have the perfect excuse to throw a party in your garden. So let's get cooking, decorating, and most importantly - gardening! Get your hands on our premium plants and tune in to the VeryVera Show to see them in action!